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Strength & Conditioning Programmes

My Signature Programme brought to you with Mighty Menopausal, powered by Core Flow
Are you a Female Masters 40+ Athlete who wants to be stronger and faster for longer?

Energy and strength levels crashing?

Focus and motivation gone rogue?

PB's dropping, struggling to get speeds you know you can do?

Competition nerves have turned into overwhelm and self sabotage?

Losing muscle mass & bone density?

Low metabolism - belly fat where it never was before?

Low mood - not enjoying your favourite sport and dont know why?

Stiff and sore?

Poor sleep hindering recovery?

Join my 12 week specialist on-line programme that individualises your training and nutrition to periodise it  around your monthly cycle and other hormonal changes.

Many people assosciate menopause with a one time event happening in their 50's but it actually starts with perimenopause, typycally in your 40's and can last many years causing multiple debilitating symptoms effecting training and performance.  As your estrogen and other hormone levels drop after you reach age 40, it is essential to start training, eating and recovering in an optimal way. I know exactly what it is like to experience all of the above and more.  I specialise in strength, conditioning, nutrition and wellness for Female Athletes aged 40+.  My signature programme is all about empowering you with the tools to take back charge of your athletic body. In 12 weeks you can be stronger, faster, motivated, focused and have your training and nutrition optimsed.  The programme is especially written for 40+ female athletes, bespoke and individualised as I show you: What to train to get stronger, faster, have more endurance and feel better When to train to ensure your body can recover and adapt maximally Nutrition for athletic performance & weight management With a programme to fit your needs and goals incorporating strength training, metabolic conditioning, Energy Systems Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), SIT (Sprint Interval Training), Plyometrics, mobility and stability with full nutritional support for the 40+ female athlete through hormonal changes. I will also be there with full in app messaging and a weekly check in to support you, make it fun, give you accountability, discipline and motivation It will also help you learn how to:  Periodise your training and nutrition around your monthly cycle Improve stability and mobility Work your core and pelvic floor correctly  Manage anxiety Reduce the risk of bone density and muscle mass loss Help maintain focus Learn how to maximise your training through perimenopause, menopause and post menopause If you are ready to commit, I can help you.  You will have access to my on-line training app including all videos and instructions for exercises and workouts.  Unlimited in app messaging.  Habit and nutrition support.  We will also have weekly check in calls by phone or online and you can send me up to 3 technique videos per week for me to analyse and feedback. This programme is optimised for the requirements of the 40+ female athlete who is still activly training / competing.  It includes Resistance Training, Plyometrics, Metabolic Condiitoning and Energy Systems training around your sport specific technical skills. It will require access to a gym or if at home, equipment such as dumbbells / kettlebells / resistance bands and weight plates.  Whilst we can adapt and improvise the programme to be bespoke to your equipment and needs, we must be able to work at a high enough intensity to adapt and get stronger.   If you have any questions or want to discuss the requirements please contact me at Find your strength, know who you are.

Are you a Paddle Sports athlete who wants to be stronger, faster and have more endurance?

Nailed the catch but need more strength and power in the stroke?

Cadence for sprints and starts leaves you left in everyones wake?

Blow up early and no stamina to keep pace?

Losing technique through fatigue?

Back and shoulders sore?

Leaking power?

Legs too weak to drive through?

Knocked off balance too easily?

Lack rotation,  stability or mobility?

12 Week On-Line Programme

I understand all of this and more. I am a competative paddler and a British Canoeing Performance SUP Race Coach.  I specialise in strength and conditioning for paddle sport athletes. My 12 week signature programme is designed to build your strength, power and endurance while improving mobility and stability.   We work together on: Resistance training for strength, power and muscular endurance. Metabolic contitioning and energy systems training to make you fitter and go faster for longer. Nutrition and recovery for maximum performance and wellbeing. Mobility and stability The programme is bespoke and individualsed to YOU, your sport and your needs.  We can also periodise your training around your competetion calendar. Whatever pains you, anything you are tolerating, any outcomes you want to achieve, we work together.  I help you find YOUR motivation and am there to provide accountability and support. If you are ready to commit, I can help you structure your life to find the time and energy.  You will have access to my on-line training app including all videos and instructions for exercises and workouts.  Unlimited in app messaging, habit and nutrition support.  We will also have a weekly check in call by phone or online and you can send me up to 3 technique videos from the programme each week for me to analyse and feedback. Paddle with Power by Sonya Brotherton Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 4 Nutrition Coach Level 3 PT     BC Level 4 Performance Coach UKCC Level 3 with over 25 years coaching experience

Strength & Conditioning
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