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Are you a Paddle Sports athlete who wants to be stronger, faster and have more endurance?


Nailed the catch but need more power in the stroke?

Cadence for sprints and starts leaves you left in everyones wake?

Blow up early and no stamina to keep pace?

Losing technique through fatigue?

Back and shoulders sore?

Leaking power?

Legs too weak to drive through?

Knocked off balance too easily?

Lacking rotation, stability or mobility?


I understand all of this and more.  I specialise in strength and conditioning for paddle sport athletes.  My 12 week programme is designed to build your strength, power and endurance while improving mobility and stability.  


We work together on:

Resistance training for strength, power and muscular endurance.

Metabolic contitioning and energy systems training to make you fitter and go faster for longer.

Nutrition and recovery for maximum performance and wellbeing.

Mobility and stability


The programme is bespoke and individualsed to YOU, your sport and your needs.  We can also periodise your training around your competetion calendar.


Whatever pains you, anything you are tolerating, any outcomes you want to achieve, we work together.  I help you find YOUR motivation and am there to provide accountability and support.


You will have access to my on-line training app including all videos and instructions for exercises and workouts.  Unlimited in app messaging, habit and nutrition support.  We can also have a weekly check in call by phone or online or with via messages if preferred. You can send me up to 3 technique videos from the programme each week for me to analyse and feedback.

Paddle with Power 12 Week Programme

  • 12 Week On-line Strength and Conditioning programme

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