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Are you a Female aged 40+ who wants to be stronger, leaner and feel better?


Energy and strength levels crashing?

Low metabolism, belly fat appearing?

Unable to lose body fat in the ways that have previously worked for you?

Worried about losing muscle mass & bone density?

Brain fog or trouble staying focused?

Dibilitating anxiety that you have never had before?

Overwhelm at simple to do lists or social angagements?

Low mood - not enjoying your favourite hobbies or no interest in anything?

Stiff and sore?

Poor sleep ?


Many people assosciate menopause with a one time event happening in their 50's but it actually starts with perimenopause, typycally in your 40's and can last many years causing multiple debilitating symptoms effecting your body, mind and quality of life.  It is not just hot flushes!


As your estrogen and other hormone levels drop after you reach age 40, it is essential to start training, eating and recovering in an optimal way.  One of the biggest factors is the dramatic loss of muscle mass and bone density that accelerates from this time.  This can be prevented and even reversed by lifting heavy weights and doing soome light impact exercises, including plyometrics.  


The hormonal changes also mean mental problems, emotional challenges and accumulation of body fat, particularly around the middle.  These are all things that can be vastly improved by following a correctly structured programme of resistance training, plyometrics and metabolic conditioning.


I know exactly what it is like to experience all of the above and more.  I specialise in strength, conditioning, nutrition and wellness for females over 40.  My programme is aimed at empowering you with the tools to take back charge of your body.


The programme is designed to work holistically on your strength, body composition and wellness. We will be tracking your monthly cycle to periodise your training and nutrition around it. If you do not have a regular cycle or are post menopause, we will still be tracking how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally along with any other symptoms that may be relevant to making you progress and feel better.


With a programme to fit your needs and desired outcomes incorporating strength training, metabolic conditioning, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), SIT (Sprint Interval Training), Plyometrics, mobility and stability with full nutritional support for the 40+ female through hormonal changes.


It will also help you learn how to: 

  • Periodise your training and nutrition around your monthly cycle

  • Improve stability and mobility

  • Work your core and pelvic floor correctly 

  • Manage anxiety

  • Reduce the risk of bone density and muscle mass loss

  • Help maintain focus

  • Learn how to maximise your training through perimenopause, menopause and post menopause


If you are ready to commit, I can help you.  You will have access to my on-line training app including all videos and instructions for exercises and workouts with unlimited in app messaging.  I also provide habit and nutrition support with guidance on what macronutrient splits you need along with suggested meal plans. 


We will work closely together for the best results and I encourage you to message me within the app whenever you need support, have a question or need some extra accountability. I will be messaging you regularly too and we will have a weekly check in via phone, video call, or if you prefer just using the in-app messaging. You can also send me 3 technique videos each week for me to check and provide feedback.


Anything you tell me is confidential and I will always show you unconditional positive regard. So you can feel safe to talk to me about anything, including things you are not comfortable sharing with others. I will not judge you. Your success is equally important to me too. I will not just tell you to stick a positive affirmation on the fridge door! There is so much more that I can help and support you with to feeling better, having the body composition you are looking for and the strength to help you enjoy your life for longer.


Preferably you will have access to a gym or if at home, equipment such as dumbbells / kettlebells / resistance bands and weight plates.  We can adapt and improvise the programme to be bespoke to your equipment and needs, but we need to work at a high enough intensity to adapt and get stronger.  


If you have any questions or want to discuss the requirements please contact me to book a free discovery call.


You are ready to be stronger, leaner and feel better, sign up now!

Stronger, Leaner, Better Monthly Plan

Price Options
Monthly Plan
Stronger Leaner Better
£310.00every month until canceled
  • This is an on-line strength and contitioning programme.  Once you sign up and make payment, work begins on your individual programme and you are given full access to the app.  In order to give you the best service and deliver it quickly there is no cooling off period.  However, if you have a genuine reason for not being able to continue with the programme, a 35% fee will be retained and a pro rata refund will be issued on the remainder of the programme.

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